Month: November 2017

SharePointPro supports the push to make the Gold Coast the next Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has truly made an undeniable mark on the world. San Francisco’s hub of technology, invention, and startups has seen the likes of Apple, Google, Uber, and Airbnb all based within its hills. The American centre for innovation has had a huge impact on the global economy, with “disruptors” (i.e. inventors) constantly looking to “disrupt” our everyday way of…

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New SharePoint 2016 Features: Microsoft Flow App, PowerApps, and Updated Framework

Microsoft clearly prioritized development in its release of SharePoint 2016, and the effects are obvious. Both front and back-end developers have seen much TLC from Microsoft, as they continue to encourage enhanced customization along with basic user customization. So, how can you use this new version of SharePoint to complement and boost your business? Here we take a look at…

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What’s new with SharePoint 2016

Alas, we know what it’s like. Trying to ensure that a team works smoothly is easier said than done. Remote collaboration is essential in the modern technologically-shrunk world, and we all need solutions for integration and collaborative teamwork. This is where SharePoint comes in! SharePoint (for those who may not know) is a server-based platform used primarily for collaboration and…

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