SharePoint Online – App Only Calls returning “System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized”

Recently I had an issue with a SharePoint Remote Event Receiver that was returning a 404 error. I had given correct permission in the appmanifest.xml. The clientcontext was being created with the following code: After digging around I discovered that newer SharePoint Online sites have app only permissions disabled. To enable it I ran the […]

Assigning task to related task

Assigning task to related task In my youtubo video, I demoed how you can create a Ticking and Tasking System using just SharePoint and PowerAutomate. You can view it here I was asked how you could prevent a ticket being created if it was related to an already open ticket (Ie a reply or […]

Searching the SharePoint Recycling Bin

Searching the SharePoint Recycling Bin While the SharePoint recycling bin is useful when it contains only a few items, it becomes downright unusable when it contains thousands of items. The SharePoint recycling bin is shipped without a search function. Finding a single file in a SharePoint recycling bin of thousand of items is like searching […]

SharePoint Online Vs SharePoint On-Premises

SharePoint Online Vs SharePoint On-Premises¬† SharePoint online is a multitenant offering by Microsoft designed to meet the needs of most companies document management requirements. Technical documentation references huge capacity capabilities well beyond the scope of most SharePoint sites however real-world practical use does expose additional limitations.   Performance  The most prominent disadvantage of SharePoint online is form load times, […]