Unlocking Efficiency with ShareMaster: Effortless File Version Reset

Unlocking Efficiency with ShareMaster: Effortless File Version Reset Are you on the lookout for a straightforward method to reset file versions within your SharePoint document library? Look no further than ShareMaster, a robust tool designed to streamline version control and simplify the process of rolling back file versions. ShareMaster grants you the ability to effortlessly […]

Creating an Unlicensed Microsoft 365 User

Microsoft Office 365 allows us to create unlicensed users. While an unlicensed user will not have a email address, they are able to access certain office 365 applications, such as SharePoint or the Office 365 Administration page. To create an unlicensed user, follow the steps below: Browse to https://admin.microsoft.com Click on Users – Active Users […]

SharePoint Online – App Only Calls returning “System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized”

Recently I had an issue with a SharePoint Remote Event Receiver that was returning a 404 error. I had given correct permission in the appmanifest.xml. The clientcontext was being created with the following code: After digging around I discovered that newer SharePoint Online sites have app only permissions disabled. To enable it I ran the […]

Searching the SharePoint Recycling Bin

Searching the SharePoint Recycling Bin While the SharePoint recycling bin is useful when it contains only a few items, it becomes downright unusable when it contains thousands of items. The SharePoint recycling bin is shipped without a search function. Finding a single file in a SharePoint recycling bin of thousand of items is like searching […]

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