I couldn’t find any examples online on how to get all events in a calendar programmatically using Microsoft Graph and C#. The only example I could find would return 10 items, being the page limit.

In order to save others time, I decided to post the way I managed to do it, using Skip. This code will make a lot of queries, so if you have a better way please email me and I’ll update this post.

No more talk. Here’s the code:

public async Task<List<Event>> GetEvents(string userId, string calendarId)
        GraphServiceClient graphServiceClient = CreateGraphServiceClient();
        var events = new List<Event>();
        var isNext = true;
        var page = 0;

            var results = (await graphServiceClient.Users[userId].Calendars[calendarId].Events.Request().Skip(page).Top(10).GetAsync());
            isNext = results.NextPageRequest != null;
            page += 10;
        } while (isNext);

        return events;