Introducing ShareMaster

Streamlining SharePoint Management with ShareMaster In the evolving landscape of digital collaboration, efficient and effective management of SharePoint environments is more crucial than ever. Enter ShareMaster: a revolutionary SharePoint migration and management software, designed to simplify and enhance the SharePoint experience for businesses and IT professionals alike. In this blog, we’ll explore the key features […]

Inserting SharePoint version number into MS Word.

Microsoft office files stored in SharePoint document libraries have the ability to display SharePoint metadata automatically inside them. In order to display the version number, we must first turn on the ability in the SharePoint Document library. First go to the document library settings. If you see “Information management policy settings” skip the below step. […]

SharePoint Online Vs SharePoint On-Premises

SharePoint Online Vs SharePoint On-Premises  SharePoint online is a multitenant offering by Microsoft designed to meet the needs of most companies document management requirements. Technical documentation references huge capacity capabilities well beyond the scope of most SharePoint sites however real-world practical use does expose additional limitations.   Performance  The most prominent disadvantage of SharePoint online is form load times, […]